The Four Keystone Approach

The greatest advantage we bring to our clients is our own Four Keystone process summarized below:

I. Know the modern government

In the age of term limits and advancing technology the political world is not what it used to be.  The way government works is in transition, yet time-honored traditions of protocol that are still in play.  Our ability to work with both the old and new enables us to offer our business partners a fresh and forward-focused perspective without negating the value of traditional government affairs efforts.  In addition, our commitment is to bipartisan ethics and legitimately representing our client interests on both sides of the aisle.

II. Build relationships and consistently communicate.

In the business of government, relationships are precious and communication must be a thriving, two-way street. We promote one-on-one relationships with our clients to understand goals, develop creative solutions to meet specific needs, and to establish ongoing open communication. Our innovative and “always open” communication services allow us to educate policy makers on client interests while keeping our clients up-to-date on current issues. By uniting services and relationships into a comprehensive strategy, we create results today and tomorrow.

III. A comprehensive and detailed approach

Unlike other government affairs firms, our services don’t stop at the capitol or city hall. We see beyond the rotunda and approach government affairs as a comprehensive and multi-tiered project. This approach gives us the flexibility we need to adapt to changes created by term-limits, shifting majorities and other alterations in power. We work with our clients to develop balanced, strategic government affairs plans, employing a variety of resources and relationships to maximize long-term effectiveness.   

IV. Planning and information achieve results

Although our strategic and comprehensive approach is a solid business process, it is our consistent ability to achieve results in the modern government that has distinguished us from other public affairs firms in Colorado. We are committed to the principle that “good information guides good policy.”  We develop our public affairs plans to reflect that principle. By conducting ongoing research, tracking and reporting we are able to identify and take strategic risks that often allow us to take leadership of key issues and deliver results.


Capitol Solutions’ modern structure is evidenced in our comprehensive representation that ranges from traditional lobbying and policy development to proactive public relations and communication, political fundraising and more. Should you choose Capitol Solutions, we have the breadth to customize our services to meet your specific needs and always deliver a competitive edge in legislative decision-making and political arenas.  Our services include:

Legislative Lobbying for Federal, State & Local Government

Since 1992, our lobbying team has developed strong and trustworthy government relationships with key people of the old guard and the new breed. From local officials, members of the Colorado legislature and the state’s administration, to members of Congress and federal agencies, Capitol Solutions brings you a broad sphere of influence. Our reputation as a leader and modern lobbying firm bolsters our effectiveness and ensures your interests are heard every time.

Proactive Initiation of Priority Legislation

Capitol Solutions will provide the necessary skill and use our bi-partisan relationships to effectively maneuver all client-initiated legislation through the legislative process. From securing strong sponsors and ensuring their confidence with the issue to directly lobby members of committees of reference in both houses and the entire body, Capitol Solutions will “count the votes” to ensure passage of your desired legislation.

Reactive and Defensive Lobbying

Success in the legislative arena is measured not only by the strategic passage of legislation, but also by the effectiveness of your strategic defense – defeating harmful proposals, amending them to our client’s favor, exempting the industry out of the proposal, preempting efforts, encouraging a change of heart, and mobilizing their grassroots. Through our rigorous internal monitoring program, we will ensure that no issue of impact escapes your consideration.

Government Procurement Lobbying

By working closely with government agencies we are able to stay alert of valuable government/client partnerships and help you identify and secure these profitable opportunities.

Public Relations

To continually improve our effectiveness, Capitol Solutions constantly works to leverage public relations beyond our extensive client communications services and updates. At every opportunity, we build your profile within the legislature and the public arena. By keeping updated media lists and current press contacts, we are able to project many of your priority issues into the public eye to educate and gain influence through the press.

Regulatory Representation & Research

Regulatory agencies are an essential part of the public policy process. Our strong relationships with state regulatory agencies enable us to effectively represent your interests and ensure that rules and regulations are in compliance with your needs.

Key Policy Maker and Government Official Meetings

As in private business, one-on-one discussions in government are often the most effective means to achieve an end goal. With our extensive web of relationships and contacts, the Capitol Solutions team is able to arrange personal meetings for you with government decision-makers to discuss key interests and build valuable, long-term relationships.

Coalition Building

Success of a legislative agenda often entails creative recruitment of others to assist in the effort, widen the constituent base and lend credibility to an issue. By cultivating relationships with like-minded organizations, businesses and individuals, we are able to offer you broad-reaching political influence.

Building a Presence

We utilize numerous strategies to effectively build your presence in policy-making circles – from making a presentation to relevant committees of reference to building coalitions with like-minded interests. We help quickly establish you as the industry leader.

GrassRoots and GrassTops Development and Mobilization

In the age of term limits politicians are very receptive to their constituencies making grassroots initiatives an essential component of the political process. Mobilizing grassroots efforts allows us to identify effective grassroots opportunities and coordinate plans to educate and empower the people and organizations that can work together to influence government on your behalf.

Boards & Commissions Placement

Boards and Commissions often conduct critical research and provide recommendations that create public policy. State appointments to these boards can be a valuable achievement for you or your allies, enabling you to be a voice for specific interests. We are continually reviewing available appointments and work to help our clients obtain these positions when available.

Political Fundraising

Fundraising for political candidates and issues is essential for political progress and competition. Our broad base of experience in oversight, management and initiatives for Colorado fundraising projects is a defining element of Capitol Solutions’ success.

Campaign Consulting

Strategy and planning is the core difference between successful political campaigns and initiatives and losing ones. Capitol Solutions’ campaign consulting record can speak for itself with a 100% success rate on campaign projects in Colorado.

Political Action Committee Management & Development

Political Action Committees play an essential role in political fundraising, campaigns and elections. We work with you to create, manage, and/or develop effective Political Action Committees in a way that builds influence for their interests and needs. From recruitment to filings and fundraising, we work to build client profiles and derive maximum benefit from PAC.

Communication and Information

Communicating quickly and consistently you as a client is paramount to our service. Capitol Solutions has found that informed and involved clients are successful clients. That’s why we provide technologically superior reporting and tracking opportunities to everyone we serve.

Legislative Research

Although the Colorado legislature is only in session for 120 days a year, our research and strategy development is a year-round process. By examining current statutes and regulations as they relate to industry trends and technology, we are able to keep you ahead of the curve by offering on-target information that formulates solid and effective policy. 

Issues Identification & Research

Identifying legislative issues may seem elementary, but defining objective and effective legislative goals is a trademark of Capitol Solutions’ success. Our personal and upfront approach to client relationships allows our team to identify creative and unique solutions to meet specific client needs. By conducting ongoing research and engaging your participation we are able to identify the most pertinent and influential issues that affect your interests. 

Development & Drafting of Legislation & Amendments

As part of our proactive approach, the Capitol Solutions team is always willing to initiate specific legislation to serve or protect our client interests. With our strong legislative and staff relationships and extensive background in the procedural and legal aspects of policy development, our lobbyists are able to work closely with policymakers and staff to draft focused legislation and amendments that serve you.

FirstStreet Solutions: Your connection to Washington DC

Established in 2005, FirstStreet Solutions is the federal practice of Capitol Solutions. With success in the federal arena on behalf of several clients, Capitol Solutions formalized its service offering to take advantage of the relationships and experience built over the years. We bring the same strategic approach to achieving federal results as we do in Colorado.

FirstStreet Solutions has a unique niche in the vast world of Washington DC. FirstStreet Solutions is your connection to Colorado’s congressional delegation. FirstStreet Solutions is your connection to Washington DC.

Our relationships with Colorado’s congressional delegation offices start at the top with the members of Congress and Senators. Our influence continues to their Chiefs of Staff and down to staffers who do the heavy lifting and make policy recommendations to their bosses.

If your federal issue necessitates a reach beyond Colorado’s congressional delegation, FirstStreet brings the wealth of an extensive network of political relationships to Colorado through its strategic partnerships. FirstStreet Solutions’ strategic partnerships allow us to connect our clients to the White House and Administration, all 435 Congressional offices, and 100 Senate offices.

FirstStreet Solutions has invested significantly in a federal monitoring system affording us up-to-the-minute information on developments in Washington DC. Despite the distance, clients are never out of step with developments inside the beltway.

If your business requires representation on the federal level, Capitol Solutions/FirstStreet Solutions look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we may serve you.