What Others Are Saying

"Sandra's trustworthy tenacity, professionalism and effectiveness sets her apart from the rest of the lobby and makes her incredibly effective on both sides of the aisle"
Representative Dan Pabon
House Speaker Pro Tem
"If an association were to tie their political reputation and future to one lobbyist and firm, Sandra and her firm, Capitol Solutions, is among the few I would recommend every time. They possess a depth of experience, strategic skill and the respect of decision makers on both sides of the aisle that is unique within the lobby."
Senator Mark Scheffel,
Senate Majority Leader
"Sandra is a tenacious advocate for her clients. On proactive legislative efforts, Sandra has the experience and expertise to shepherd the most complex issues through the process with a unique combination of grace and doggedness. I am always happy to serve as her prime sponsor on legislative initiatives."
Representative Brian DelGrosso,
House Minority Leader
"CTA's burgeoning influence and presence within the political sphere is a testament to Sandra and Capitol Solutions' reputation, respect and capabilities to quickly position their clients at the forefront of the public policy debate. I would look no further than Capitol Solutions to represent your interests under the dome."
Senator Linda Newell,
Co-Chair, Colorado Technology Committee
"Since being in the legislature, I have worked directly with Sandra Hagen-Solin on various business-related policy matters and bills. Sandra demonstrates the qualities and skills that make for an excellent lobbyist, including – being trustworthy, informed and adaptable. She goes the extra mile to bring interests together to work out difference and achieve solutions.”
Senator John Kefalas,
D- Fort Collins
"Capitol Solutions’ tireless and relentless pursuit to achieve her clients objectives, their high ethical standards, and their near 20 year institutional knowledge sets them apart from of all other government affairs firms. Combined with the respect of legislators on both sides of the aisles, Sandra is one of the Colorado’s most strategically effective lobbyists."
Senator Ted Harvey,
Highlands Ranch
"I have been glad to observe CTA’s growing political influence at the capitol and I attribute this directly to the lobbying efforts of Sandra Hagen Solin. Sandra not only treats her clients and colleagues with the utmost of respect - but she is relentless in her representation of their interests and goals. I believe this is a huge asset for CTA and hope her representation will be realized this coming session."
House Majority Leader Amy Stephens,
Colorado Springs
"Sandra Hagen Solin and her firm, Capitol Solutions, are well-respected and tireless advocates for a diversity of interests at the State Capitol. Sandra and her staff have excellent professional relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisles in both chambers as well as with executive branch directors and staff. Few Coloradans can match Sandra’s long-term institutional memory of state government. Professional relationships and long-term experience put Sandra and Capitol Solutions in the top-tier of effective government relations firms at the State Capitol."
Representative Randy Fischer,
Former Chair, House Agriculture Committee
"We were proud to be among Capitol Solutions stellar and select clients. She quickly elevated the tech industry in the political and policy arena from sleeping giant to a political powerhouse. Sandra makes things happen!"
Erik Metisek,
President/CEO, Colorado Technology Association
"With unparalleled elegance, Sandra gracefully and effectively guides her clients through the rough and tumble of the political and legislative process. I know her to be high in integrity, long on experience and deep in knowledge of the issues and dynamics that affect Colorado business."
Cynthia Coffman,
Colorado Attorney General